“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”Scott Adams


Beautiful things that bring me joy

Crystal vessels to hold my brushes and supplies

Scented candles | oil diffuser

A crystal chandelier

Black & white film playing in the background

Antique tables in lieu of traditional work tables

If I could control the weather - moody skies and thunderstorms



Stay tuned for updates on how I filled this space ♥

It's done!!

Dave finished my studio and presented it to me as a big reveal!! ♥ By the end, I wasn't allowed to see it! Although I knew what I was getting, he added extras and I'm in awe of how truly beautiful it is!

So the floor.... remember how I said I didn't want to install it now? Well, turns out I'm liking this look! The area rug next to the raw plywood gives it a true artistic feel!! Plus, I don't have to worry about dropping paint on it! It's going to stay this way! Funny how things turn out. You think you want one thing and turns out you wanted something entirely different ♥

Only thing missing right now is the chandelier. We're moving the one from my former studio over, but I can't find a ceiling medallion made out of plaster, they are all made out of urethane. Plastic. Ugh. AND they charge the same dang price for them! I'm on the hunt for a plaster one (that's not 400$.......) I have two in our home now and they are plaster and it makes such a difference. If you know of anywhere (in Canada) where they sell them, please email me the link! Merci!

How sweet do those sconces look? Although they don't provide proper light for painting, they sure do look gorgeous! The light they give is a subtle, romantic one and I love the vibe they bring to the studio ♥ And they're on a dimmer!!

Behind these doors....

Ooooh.... this was the most exciting part of the big reveal... What's behind these beautiful doors? Well, we all know it's a water station BUT what does it look like??

Details, details, details!!!

I feel it's important to have your personality spread out in your favourite space. For me, these door handles not only say "Linda", they joyfully scream "Linda"! Every time my hand touches these beauties, a happy sensation washes over me. It's the little things. ♥

Et Voilà!

I was expecting a basic laundry room tub, which would have suited the need just fine. Dave knowing this, also knew me and what I would love. He created the most beautiful water station by adding touches of gorgeousness here and there. From the quartz countertop to the sleek and clean lines of the white subway tiles.

There's a light along with an outlet should I need it, and although you can't see it, there's crown molding in there as well. So grateful.

This beauty has a lovely drying tray for my basins and brushes, and the faucet has a pull out spray so that I can keep the sink clean. I don't want to use it, of fear of dirtying it! I keep repeating to myself... that's what it's for.... that's what it's for....

The quartz countertop is so stunning! Easy to maintain and with my Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser, I'll never have to worry about stains! And did I mention those tiles!?

Care to take a quick tour!?!?!

Not quite complete, but close enough to show you what I've been going on about for the past few months!! The walls are still empty of art, I need to bring in my print of Montmartre. That is a true inspiration for me. Click the picture and have a look for yourself! ♥

We're moving!!

There is one great thing about being empty nesters, and that's MORE space! Don't get me wrong, I miss my babies who now have babies of their own! But this extra space is considered highly desired real estate!!

My current studio is beautiful and was perfectly set up for my needs, at the time when I designed the space. Now that I've branched out, it's no longer working for me. Sooooo, here we are! Right in the midst of renovations! I'm waiting for the cost of lumber to decrease, so that I can put the flooring in... we'll see how that plays out!

Huge shout out to my guy, Dave, who never fails bringing my vision to life ♥

For the record, I could have taken up the entire basement for my studio! But we don't have a walkout, which means it's the usual dark space with small windows. I'm like a flower, and need the sunlight! So I decided to sacrifice the luxury square footage of the basement for the sunny, bright space upstairs! It's double the size of my current studio so that's good, right?! We'll see how long this works and maybe I'll be fortunate enough to move up from this studio, to a chic stone walled studio in the downtown core of Kingston! If you're gonna dream honey, dream big!

So much planning went into this and I've repurposed bits here and there. The sconces that will go here were ones that I bought at least 5 years ago! I bought them with the intention of using them in my ensuite. Fast forward and the ensuite hasn't changed lol and those sconces will no longer work for what I want. Soooooo, Dave thought it would be nice to find a place for them in my new studio. Et voilà! New home!

Every artist studio or space or area, really should have a water station. I can't tell you how many times I've used my ensuite sink to wash my brushes, which meant it was alwasy dirty (insert rolling eye emoji here) and for the bigger jobs, like cleaning out my palette (after I've collected all the paint, you don't want to run that down your drain for many reasons!) For big jobs, I had to walk down two flights of stairs to the basement and use the washtub. Yes, my washtub is extremely colourful and is NOT used to wash my delicates lol!

CURRENT STUDIO..... no longer!!

Here are photos of my before studio

I began with this lovely space, which was great for my needs at the time...

Everything had a place and was in its place - for the most part.. until..

... the branches of my "branching out" took over!! I have a table top easel which I am so thankful for! But I do need a wall space for the large works I'm doing. My new studio will have a dedicated wall for exactly that!

When we moved into this house, all the rooms were taken, and so I set myself up in a small area in the........ basement. I was happy to just have my own space though, really. There's something to be said to be able to get up and walk away from the mess! As soon as this room came "on the market", Dave asked me what I would like, and he would make it happen. He never disappointed me.

As this was the smallest room in the house, each square inch was utilized to its capacity!! Believe me, I couldn't turn around without hitting my backside against something! (Click on the studio photo - New Video by Linda Samuels, and watch a short video of my studio "then"). At that time, I mainly did design work for The Artist Club magazine, (which has since folded) and was on a very small scale, so this worked out great.

Today, I often work on canvas' as large as 4 feet x 5 feet and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger!! (Insert hyperventilating emoji here!) And this all means that my paint tubes/jars are larger, my tools are larger... I often feel as if I'm working in a dollhouse!!

In my new studio, I'll have a dedicated (! ♪♫ !) wall for larger pieces! Better lighting, although the crystal chandelier will still hang overhead.

I love getting into my painting clothes, putting an old movie on and grabbing my brushes. When I shut that door, I shut the world out. ♥